Madeline is not awesome.

At least, not yet. In fact, she's about as not-awesome as you can get.
Friends? Yeah, right. Parents? Nope. Looks? Talents? Those are for people who don't suck.

In other words, she isn't dead—but she might as well be. And she's been that way since she lost her mother.

But things are about to change. She's about to lose her dearest treasure, and in the process, find things that would make any new brand-new high school graduate jealous. (Especially that jerk, Kelsey Bringhurst!) Her day has finally come.

Or has it? Fate has given her another chance at living, but the question is: can she make it a life worth keeping? She'll have to decide, or fate might just want it back. For real this time.

This is what the cover of Life: Lost and Found looks like. No, seriously. It is.

Sweet Themes*:

Love, stars, dry humor, flowers, sarcasm, good ideas, really bad ideas, photography, and maybe even angels.

* If, you know, you're in to like, themes and stuff. We are.

Cloudy sky...

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Questions and Such

And possibly also answers. Those too.

Why is it so cheap?
Is it total crap?
We've put so much work into refining and presenting LLF, our friends are telling us we're out of our minds — so we think it's just about as good as anything you'd find for $15.00 or more. (We hope!)

Mainly, it's so cheap because our main goal was to tell a really great story, not make millions on sales.
Not that we'd mind if we did, but it's just not the goal.
Is LLF based on a true story?
Somewhat, yes. We'd say about 31.24%. We're not saying which parts.
Who’s this “A. K. Williams” yokel, anyway?
A.K. Williams It's actually a team pen name for two crazy people named Katrina and Aaron. We just love books, so we wanted to write one. We're insane.*

*About telling good stories. We think. Or maybe that's just the insanity talking.

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