It was real, it was fun!
It's all done.

Life: Lost & Found has been unpublished. Thanks to everyone who bought and enjoyed it—we had an incredible time! Based on all the sweet feedback we got, we've been able to craft it into an even better story. So much better, in fact—and sufficiently different—that it's become a new book. It has a new title, even. When it's ready, we'll link to the new book here.

We already said it, but we just have to say it again—thank you, everyone! We hope you'll enjoy the new version even more, and we hope to see you again!

In completely other news, we have a brand new book almost ready. If you read LLF, you know who Sydney McBride is. Our new project, currently titled I Believe in Angels is about her, how she met Gina, crime, scandal, the FBI, good feels, bad ones, and lots of winning. It's different from Madeline's book, but also not. We hope you'll enjoy this one, too. More info as it becomes available!

This is what the cover of Life: Lost and Found looks like. No, seriously. It is.
Cloudy sky...

Questions and Such

And possibly also answers. Those too.

You unpublished it? Will I lose it from my Kindle/Other Thing?
We don't think so. It should stay on your Amazon/Other library indefinitely. (We think.) There just won't be any new copies sold.
I bought LLF. Can I get the new one free?
We're sure we can figure something out, yes.
Who’s this “A. K. Williams” yokel, anyway?
A.K. Williams It's actually a team pen name for two crazy people named Katrina and Aaron. We just love books, so we wanted to write one. We're insane.*

*About telling good stories. We think. Or maybe that's just the insanity talking.

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