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A shiny blue star called 'Spica'

This is a story about

love, bullying, stars, and a decision to . . . die
or maybe live

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Madeline’s got a few problems. Disastrously freckled and lacking in both family and friends, she’s a five-foot eight-inch industrial-strength criticism magnet. A commercial-grade loser. Ignored by pretty much everyone, all she wants is to simply matter to someone—anyone.

But an unexpected, arguably magical, unquestionably embarrassing encounter involving a necklace and Mark, one of the most popular boys at school, is about to change everything. Love! Friends! Popularity!

Yeah. Right.

As if she needed the reminder, Madeline soon discovers that real life just isn’t that easy, and that no matter how much she wishes upon a star, she’s still not in a Disney movie. When Mark breaks her heart by disappearing as quickly as he arrived, she sets out on a journey to finally take matters into her own hands and get what she wants—or die trying.

And she might do just that.

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The e-book version is $8.99, which is less than a half-decent pizza. Not too shabby.
Mmm... half-decent pizza.

A shiny blue star called 'Spica'

The Author Person

A.K. Williams lives on a snowy peak in the Andes mountains with a pet walrus named Westley Gunderson. Maybe. No one's actually seen the walrus, and we're all pretty sure the Andes aren't located in North America. But there are a whole bunch of girls hanging around. Two of them are kid-types and eye-witness reports say that A.K. adores them, quote, "to the max". In fact, there's a good chance the book this website is about was written with the aim of making their souls just a little bit happier and a little more hopeful. Hopefully it does the same for yours too.

A.K. has a known fondness for the following stuff: chemically exuberant sugar cereal, Doctor Who, caffeine, Sherlock, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, space-type-stuff, fantasy-type-stuff, neither-type-stuff, university campuses, John Green and his brother Hank (DFTBA), a thing about princesses and brides, a different princess named Zelda, Aperture Science, Robert Downey Jr., and Chocodile Twinkies. You're welcome for that last one.

A.K. is currently working on a prequel to Life Lost and Found.